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MHC:哥林多前书 16

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Chapter 16 Chapter 16 Chapter Outline A collection for the poor at Jerusalem. (1–9) Timothy and Apollos commended. (10–12) Exhortation to watchfulness in faith and love. (13–18) Christian salutations. (19–24)

第16章 本章纲要 为耶路撒冷的穷人募捐。

(1-9) 推荐提摩太和亚波罗。

(10-12) 劝勉在信心和爱中保持警醒。

(13-18) 基督徒致意用语。


Verses 1 – 9 The good examples of other Christians and churches should rouse us. It is good to lay up in store for good uses. Those who are rich in this world, should be rich in good works, 1Ti 6:17, 18. The diligent hand will not make rich, without the Divine blessing, Pr 10:4, 22. And what more proper to stir us up to charity to the people and children of God, than to look at all we have as his gift? Works of mercy are real fruits of true love to God, and are therefore proper services on his own day. Ministers are doing their proper business, when putting forward, or helping works of charity. The heart of a Christian minister must be towards the people among whom he has laboured long, and with success. All our purposes must be made with submission to the Divine providence, Jas 4:15. Adversaries and opposition do not break the spirits of faithful and successful ministers, but warm their zeal, and inspire them with fresh courage. A faithful minister is more discouraged by the hardness of his hearers' hearts, and the backslidings of professors, than by the enemies' attempts.

1-9节 那些基督徒和教会的好行为应当激励我们。把一些钱存起来以便更有效的使用,这是很好的。今世富足的人在善行上也应富足,提前6:17,18。没有神的恩赐,再勤劳的双手也不能富足,箴10:4,22。有什么比这更适于激起我们对神儿女的慈爱而不是看自己拥有多少恩赐呢?善行是真爱神所结的真实的果子,因此善行是主日恰当的服事。牧师帮助慈善事业时,就是在做着他们应当做的事。一个基督徒牧师的心必须向着劳苦的人,我们制定的所有计划都必须顺服神的旨意,雅4:15。对于忠实而成功的牧师,敌人和对手非但不能攻击他的心灵,而且会增强他们的热情,给他们新的勇气,并激励他们。一个信实的牧师更容易为听者刚硬的心和教授背道而感到灰心,而非为敌人/撒旦的努力。

Verses 10 – 12 Timothy came to do the work of the Lord. Therefore to vex his spirit, would be to grieve the Holy Spirit; to despise him, would be to despise Him that sent him. Those who work the work of the Lord, should be treated with tenderness and respect. Faithful ministers will not be jealous of each other. It becomes the ministers of the gospel to show concern for each other's reputation and usefulness.

10-12节 提摩太来为主作工。因此使他心灵烦忧,就会使圣灵悲伤;轻视他,就是轻视差他来的主。为主作工的人,我们应当尊重他,亲切地待他。忠诚的牧师不会彼此嫉妒。牧师应当互相关心对方的声望和益处 。

Verses 13 – 18 A Christian is always in danger, therefore should ever be on the watch. He should be fixed in the faith of the gospel, and never desert or give it up. By this faith alone he will be able to keep his ground in an hour of temptation. Christians should be careful that charity not only reigns in their hearts, but shines in their lives. There is a great difference between Christian firmness and feverish warmth and transport. The apostle gave particular directions as to some who served the cause of Christ among them. Those who serve the saints, those who desire the honour of the churches, and to remove reproaches from them, are to bethought much of, and loved. They should willingly acknowledge the worth of such, and all who laboured with or helped the apostle.

13-18节 基督徒常常处于危险之中,因此应当保持警醒。一个人应当坚守对福音的信心,永不放弃。靠着信心就可以战胜诱惑。基督徒应当注意爱不仅要充满他们的心,而且要照亮他们的生活。对基督信仰的坚定与极大的热情、狂喜有非常大的区别。对于其中为基督事业服事的人,使徒保罗给了特别的指示。对那些服事圣徒、想要荣耀教会的人,不要责备他们,要彼此相爱。他们(哥林多教会信徒)应当愿意感谢那些和使徒保罗同工或帮助保罗的人。

Verses 19 – 24 Christianity by no means destroys civility. Religion should promote a courteous and obliging temper towards all. Those give a false idea of religion, and reproach it, who would take encouragement from it to be sour and morose. And Christian salutations are not mere empty compliments; but are real expressions of good-will to others, and commend them to the Divine grace and blessing. Every Christian family should be as a Christian church. Wherever two or three are gathered together in the name of Christ, and he is among them, there is a church. Here is a solemn warning. Many who have Christ's name much in their mouths, have no true love to him in their hearts. None love him in truth, who do not love his laws, and keep his commandments. Many are Christians in name, who do not love Christ Jesus the Lord in sincerity. Such are separated from the people of God, and the favour of God. Those who love not the Lord Jesus Christ, must perish without remedy. Let us not rest in any religious profession where there is not the love of Christ, earnest desires for his salvation, gratitude for his mercies, and obedience to his commandments. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ has in it all that is good, for time and for eternity. To wish that our friends may have this grace with them, is wishing them the utmost good. And this we should wish all our friends and brethren in Christ. We can wish them nothing greater, and we should wish them nothing less. True Christianity makes us wish those whom we love, the blessings of both worlds; this is meant in wishing the grace of Christ to be with them. The apostle had dealt plainly with the Corinthians, and told them of their faults with just severity; but he parts in love, and with a solemn profession of his love to them for Christ's sake. May our love be with all who are in Christ Jesus. Let us try whether all things appear worthless to us, when compared with Christ and his righteousness. Do we allow ourselves in any known sin, or in the neglect of any known duty? By such inquiries, faithfully made, we may judge of the state of our souls.

19-24节 基督教义决不丢弃礼仪。宗教应当促进人们养成对人谦恭而乐于助人的性情。那些给出错误信念、责备礼仪的,会使人们因之变的令人讨厌而孤僻。基督徒的致意用语不是空洞的问候,而是对他人友善的真实表达,神的恩惠与他们同在。(把他们交托给神。)每个基督徒家庭都应该像一个基督教会一样。凡两个或三个人奉基督的名聚会,基督就在他们中间,那儿就是教会。下面是郑重的警告。许多人嘴上呼喊基督的名,心里不爱他。不真心爱他,就不爱他的律法,无法遵守他的诫命。许多人都是名义上的基督徒,并不真心爱耶稣基督。这些人就从神的子民、神所喜悦的人中分离出来。不爱基督耶稣的,必然无法得救而灭亡。让我们不要依赖于任何没有基督的爱的宗教,热切渴望他的拯救,感谢他的怜悯,服从他的诫命。耶稣基督的恩惠在其中,从今时直到永远。 祝福我们的朋友这恩惠与他们同在,就是对他们最美好的祝福。我们应该祝愿我们所有的朋友和弟兄在基督里。我们希望他们没有多余,也没有缺乏。真正的基督教教义让我们祝愿那些我们爱的人拥有两个世界的祝福;这意味着愿基督的恩惠与他们同在。使徒明白地教导哥林多信徒,比较严厉的指出他们的过犯;但是郑重的表明他因着基督对他们的爱。愿我们的爱与基督里的你同在。与基督和他的公义相比,是否所有的事情对我们都是毫无价值的。我们是否允许自己陷在已知的罪中,或者忽视了应当的责任?通过反思,我们可以判断我们的属灵状态。