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MHC:哥林多前书 10

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Chapter 10


great privileges, and yet terrible overthrow of the Israelites in the wilderness.


Cautions against all idolatrous, and other sinful practices.


The partaking in idolatry cannot exist with having communion with Christ.


All we do to be to the glory of God, and


without offence to the consciences of others.







Verses 1 – 5

To dissuade the Corinthians from communion with idolaters, and security in any sinful course, the apostle sets before them the example of the Jewish nation of old. They were, by a miracle, led through the Red Sea, where the pursuing Egyptians were drowned. It was to them a typical baptism. The manna on which they fed was a type of Christ crucified, the Bread which came down from heaven, which whoso eateth shall live for ever. Christ is the Rock on which the Christian church is built; and of the streams that issue therefrom, all believers drink, and are ““refresh””ed. It typified the sacred influences of the Holy Spirit, as given to believers through Christ. But let none presume upon their great privileges, or profession of the truth; these will not secure heavenly happiness.

1-5节 使徒以从前的犹太人为例,劝阻哥林多教会信徒与偶像崇拜者交流,以及在任何有罪行为中的安全。他们奇迹般地穿越红海,而追赶的埃及军兵在此被淹没。这对他们而言是个典型的洗礼。他们所吃的吗哪是一种奉献的基督,从天而降的食物,无论是谁吃了,都将永远活着。基督是基督教会建立的磐石;他们所喝的水也是从那里流出来的,所有的信徒喝了,都得到更新。它代表着圣灵的神圣的影响,通过基督给予信徒。但是如果我们不期望他们的特权或对真理的告白,将无法获得属天的福分。

Verses 6 – 14

Carnal desires gain strength by indulgence, therefore should be checked in their first rise. Let us fear the sins of Israel, if we would shun their plagues. And it is but just to fear, that such as tempt Christ, will be left by him in the power of the old serpent. Murmuring against God's disposals and commands, greatly provokes him. Nothing in Scripture is written in vain; and it is our wisdom and duty to learn from it. Others have fallen, and so may we. The Christian's security against sin is distrust of himself. God has not promised to keep us from falling, if we do not look to ourselves. To this word of caution, a word of comfort is added. Others have the like burdens, and the like temptations: what they bear up under, and break through, we may also. God is wise as well as faithful, and will make our burdens according to our strength. He knows what we can bear. He will make a way to escape; he will deliver either from the trial itself, or at least the mischief of it. We have full encouragement to flee from sin, and to be faithful to God. We cannot fall by temptation, if we cleave fast to him. Whether the world smiles or frowns, it is an enemy; but believers shall be strengthened to overcome it, with all its terrors and enticements. The fear of the Lord, put into their hearts, will be the great means of safety.

6-14节 身体的欲望会导致更加放纵,因此应该每天省察自己。即使我们不作出以色列人那样的行为,也应惧怕以色列人所犯的罪。仅是恐惧,如诱惑基督,



Verses 15 – 22

Did not the joining in the Lord's supper show a profession of faith in Christ crucified, and of adoring gratitude to him for his salvation ? Christians, by this ordinance, and the faith therein professed, were united as the grains of wheat in one loaf of bread, or as the members in the human body, seeing they were all united to Christ, and had fellowship with him and one another. This is confirmed from the Jewish worship and customs in sacrifice. The apostle applies this to feasting with idolaters. Eating food as part of a heathen sacrifice, was worshipping the idol to whom it was made, and having fellowship or communion with it; just as he who eats the Lord's supper, is accounted to partake in the Christian sacrifice, or as they who ate the Jewish sacrifices partook of what was offered on their altar. It was denying Christianity; for communion with Christ, and communion with devils, could never be had at once. If Christians venture into places, and join in sacrifices to the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life, they will provoke God.



Verses 23 – 33

There were cases wherein Christians might eat what had been offered to idols, without sin. Such as when the flesh was sold in the market as common food, for the priest to whom it had been given. But a Christian must not merely consider what is lawful, but what is expedient, and to edify others. Christianity by no means forbids the common offices of kindness, or allows uncourteous behaviour to any, however they may differ from us in religious sentiments or practices. But this is not to be understood of religious festivals, partaking in idolatrous worship. According to this advice of the apostle, Christians should take care not to use their liberty to the hurt of others, or to their own reproach. In eating and drinking, and in all we do, we should aim at the glory of God, at pleasing and honouring him. This is the great end of all religion, and directs us where express rules are wanting. A holy, peaceable, and benevolent spirit, will disarm the greatest enemies.

23-33节 还存在这样的情况,基督徒吃了拜偶像的食物,是无罪的。如,作为普通食物在市场上销售的肉给了牧师。但是基督徒不仅考虑的是什么是合法的,而且考虑什么是合宜的,以此教导他人。基督教教义并不妨碍一般的善行,或允许对人粗鲁,无论他们与我们在信仰或习惯上有多么不同。但是对于在宗教节日参加偶像崇拜,是不可接受的。根据使徒的这些建议,基督徒应当注意不要用自己的自由权利伤害他人,或招致对自己的耻辱责备。在饮食上,以及我们所作的,我们应当追求荣耀神,合神心意,敬拜神。这是所有宗教信仰的最大目标,在缺少明确规定的情况下指引我们。圣洁、温柔仁慈的心灵,可以让最大的敌人放下武器。